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CSK Head Wood Screws | Chipboard Screw

Double CSK  Head Hex Knurling Cutting Chipboard Screw With 6 Nibs Yellow Zinc Plated


Category:Chipboard screw | wood screws

Applicationpartical board,chipboard,woodboardbetween woodboard and sheet steel ,and so on.

Head typesingle flatdouble flat

Groove type:pozi,square,phillips,torx

Thread typecoarse thread/fine thread

Nibs on CSK6 nibs4nibsno nib
Coating: zinc plated,dacrometphosphated blackphosphated grey

Special specificationsknurling, serrated, cutting
Diameter:#4,#6 ,#8,#9,#10,#12,#14(m3.0,m3.5,m4.0,m4.5,m5.0,m5.5,m6.0)
Material:1022 carbon steel,harden

| wood screws

Our main types of wood screws heads

1.The flat head wood screw has a CSK head with a flat top surface, The effect of this is that the screws do not protrude from the surface.

2.The oval head wood screws has a countersunk head with a rounded top surface.It is preferred when a more decorative finished look is wanted.
3.The round head wood screw has a semi-elliptical top surface. It is used for general purpose applications.


Different recess types are available,Cross recess (Phillips) ,Slot(slotted), Torx and square recess etc. Sometimes, customers require non-standard wood screws ,these need to be customised


If the display is not the type you want, please contact me, we have more than 2000 kinds, please feel free to quote for you.

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More than 2000 types, not all displayed, May not show what you want,

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